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Cartoons and Comics

Alyce publishes three ongoing webcomics on Tapas.

Her main comic is a long form series called Daemon. Pages have been published weekly since the beginning of 2017.

Billie is just a normal high schooler trying to figure out what to do once she graduates, when tragedy strikes. All at once she is bombarded with information - Apparently demons exist. Angels exist. Oh, and she is a daemon-hybrid, and is expected to join the ranks of demon soldiers to help them fight the angels... And conquer Earth! But who is really good, and who is really evil? The answer might not be as straight forward as you think!

You can read Daemon on Tapas, Smack Jeeves and Webtoon.


Little Things is a webcomic which has been running since 2015. It has adhoc updates, and if full of short gag cartoons.

Inspired by the workplace, this webcomic is about the funny Little Things that make up day-to-day life in the life of an office worker.

Little Things is published on several platforms, but it's original home is on Tapas.


The Adventures of DK is Alyce's first comic. DK started off as little scribbles and poorly drawn cartoons in her sketchbook, but these days is a full colour (if rarely updated) webcomic.

A silent guardian. Protector of his food bowl. A Dark Knight.
This series is about a dashing hero, fighting crime - Or at least that's what DK likes to think. It's the Batman parody for all cat lovers!

You can read up on DK's adventures on Tapas and Tumblr.


You can find more webcomic samples below, along with other comic examples.