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Alice in Steampunk Wonderland

I'm quite fond of thick linework in all of my work. After discovering the awesome effect of colouring the linework, I decided to try not relying on linework at all for a change. Was definitely different! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

Alyce sarich aliice

Started with just a quick sketch with a pencil on paper.

Alyce sarich alicewip

Once on the computer, I traced over my original Alice and filled her with basic flat colours. I quickly filled in my background ideas.

Alyce sarich alicewip5

The castle in the background is fairly basic - So to add a bit of extra steampunkiness to it, I included an airship! The majority of this is done using the watercolour paintbrushes in Manga Studio 5.

Alyce sarich alicewip2

I established the majority of the background before playing with the tones on Alice more. I eventually changed my mind about the white corset, and changed it out for a full black one.

Alyce sarich alicewip3

To get the depth on Alice I used the airbrush tools.

Alyce sarich alicewip4

I merged my linework with my colours to take full advantage of the crisp edges the lines had left.

Alyce sarich alicewip6

Some background personality! Flowers with faces!

Alyce sarich alicewip7

And of course, what sort of Wonderland would this be without the Blue Caterpillar?

Alyce sarich alice2

The finished product! Alice in Steampunk Wonderland!