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Little Adventures of Ally & DK

My original characters in some fun illustrations! This is my personal project where I can experiment with colour and styles

The OCs featured here are Ally, from my webcomic 'Little Things', and DK, from 'The Adventures of DK'. This is an ongoing project, and it features themes and pop culture tributes.

►Read Little Things here:
►Read The Adventures of DK here:

Alyce sarich ally dk frankenstien small ver

Frankenstein's Monster inspired this piece!

This image also has a time lapse video to go with it! Check it out here:

Alyce sarich ally dk batman watermark

The Dark Knight and his sidekick!

Alyce sarich chinese ny 2

In celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Alyce sarich sndk

Attack on Titan becomes Attack on DK!

Alyce sarich indiana ally watermark

Ally & DK explore the Temple of Doom!

Alyce sarich back to the comics

Back to the Future, or back to the comics?

Alyce sarich breakfast at tiffs

"What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

Alyce sarich lion dk wm

The Lion DKing!